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From ideas to Cloud-AI

We train artificial intelligence models, develop cloud-based software platforms and mobile companions.

We are a consulting firm and an R&D lab

Founded in 2011 with innovation in mind. We combine Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing technologies to express our creativity and skills

Latest R&D achievements

As a research laboratory, we regularly explore the new possibilities offered by the latest market and future technologies.

ZelAI "AIaaS" Platform

Stunning visuals generated with AI

We’ve set up a cloud-based platform to share our generative AI. Our AI is capable of creating still and animated visual masterpieces up to 4K. You can access it via APIs or by using our interactive dashboard to take your creation to the next level.

OpenMetal Cloud Framework

Dynamic and flexible software platform

The “Cloud” refers to the ability of virtual hardware to adapt to demand. OpenMetal frameworks bring all the benefits of cloud computing to the platform architecture, allowing software nodes and services to be dynamically added and removed in real time, making them ideal for IoT and high-performance micro-services.

Leading innovations

Over the years, we created amazing proof of concepts & complex platforms using the latest trends & state of the art technologies. Making projects truly unique and user-friendly.

Cutting edge technologies

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain... our daily routine.

AI research

We are conducting research into generative and integrated AI.

Cloud computing

We are experts in virtualization and deployment technologies

Mobile Applications

Showcase your product or project with stunning mobile applications.

Blazing-fast performance

Lightweight architecture and optimized code.

Continuous improvement

We follow modern agile development methodologies.

Security & Privacy

We ensure data security and privacy protection.

Customer Support

We take care of our customers and support them all over the world.

Our goal

In addition to our development and research activities, we also share our expertise with our clients, enabling them to integrate cutting-edge technologies quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Clients

Adapted to small and medium-sized businesses and recognized by large companies looking for dazzling innovation.

Latest clients projects

Unleash the full potential of your project with ZelStudio!

3D "Smart" Avatars

AI-based elderly personal assistant

The goal is to create a virtual “avatar” with whom the elderly person can interact and seek health advice. This “avatar” will provide preventive health advice certified by a doctor and guide the elderly person to the services they might need.

Windows | Unreal Engine | Cloud-AI

Web3 & Blockchain Digital Platform

Cross-platform AI artists community

Backed by ZelAI, this is an all-in-one platform enabling thousands of artists to express themselves and share their creations. Thanks to a customized AI model and a wide range of tools (drawing applications, etc.), this project is set to become one of the best collaborative platforms using generative AI.

Web3 App | Telegram Bot | Blockchain | NFT | iOS Apps | Cloud-AI

Telehealth Platform

Building a complete monitoring platform​

Designed specifically for seniors living in residences or supported at home by Community Networks. This platform is the intelligent digital solution for better health, independence and quality of life. 

Web App | iOS App | Android App

Ultimate tech powerhouse!

Unleash the true potential of your next-gen project with ZelStudio. Personalized, qualified and cutting-edge services to take your product to new heights.

Deep Learning Training

Whether it’s organizing visual data, interpreting audio inputs, recognizing activities, detecting objects, transcribing speech, providing personalized recommendations, predicting outcomes, or integrating seamlessly into mobile platforms, our suite of services is designed to deliver precise,  efficient, and transformative solutions across industries. 

Cloud Computing

We offering comprehensive and sophisticated solutions that seamlessly integrates hardware and software topologies, offering a robust foundation for diverse technological needs. We specialize in designing intricate hardware and software architectures, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. 

Mobile Development

Our mobile development service is a fusion of innovation and user-centric design. We offer native and hybrid apps rich in AI and augmented reality features, optimized networking and data handling, seamless integration with IoT sensors, smartwatches, and TVs, all encapsulated in a design that prioritizes user experience and engagement.

Web Platform

Our Web service offers a holistic approach to modernizing digital experiences. From seamless desktop to mobile app migration to robust e-commerce and payment solutions, live streaming with DRM features, real-time updates, integration of bot and AI functionalities, and a design philosophy centered on optimal user experiences.

Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of solutions, including Artificial Intelligence integration, cloud computing development, multi-platform software solutions, technical leadership, software architecture, performance optimization, mobile app SDK migration, and web platform security updates. With a focus on modern development methodologies, user interaction, and security, we help businesses improve their operations, enhance user experiences, and protect sensitive data.

Other Skills

Offerings 3D/2D modeling and animations, engaging entertainment via virtual reality mini-game development, secure and transparent transactions with blockchain and smart contracts, digital publishing through Zel Publisher, all geared towards reshaping digital landscapes and enhancing user experiences.

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